Crash Crops is a game about farming and breaking blocks! The worlds first (maybe?) Breakout and farming simulation mash-up!

Left/Right Arrows: Move paddle
Up/Down Arrows: Cycle through tools
Z: Start the game or any level

Press up or down to cycle through the different tools.
Watering Can: Waters seeds and crops until they are full-size
Hoe: Tills the green grass into soil
Seeds: Plants a seed in the soil
Pickaxe: Breaks rocks
Scythe: Harvests fully grown crops

Crops: They grow from seed to full size (corn only currently)
Rock: Breakable w/ pickaxe
Metal Crates: Unbreakable

There are only 5 levels.  I had issues with collision and physics so the controls aren't as tight as I would like.  But all in all, I had a lot of fun with this game and will be looking to expand it into a full release!

I hope you enjoy it!


Download 347 kB


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Good fun! I got lost in it for a while before I realized I could advance to the next level. :D It'll be interesting to see how you expand it. I can see it getting lots crazier with more crops, pests, etc!


Press Z to start, for those wondering.